Sunday, January 19, 2014

Interesting attic find...

This is a great find in the attic! Through some research it may have belonged to someone quite famous in the area.

If you live in Maryland or have ties to the Army there's a good chance you've heard of Fort Detrick (United States Army Medical Command Center). The location is a hop, skip, and jump from this home...

Medical/Medicine/Pharmacy Balance Scale

The box was filled with all sorts of items...

Items found inside the box...

 It didn't dawn on me to who it might belong to until I looked into some names from the "folder" that was found in the kitchen cabinet. You can read that post here.

Inside of folder that was found inside a kitchen cabinet....

One name inside the folder may be the clue to the "who" the medical/medicine/pharmacy scale belonged to...

Marian Douglas Detrick....

Marian Douglas Detrick was the wife of Frederick Louis Detrick

Fort Detrick, the United States Army Medical Command Center in our area was named after Frederick Louis Detrick. This was a great find!

I see on record that Frederick L. Detrick passed in April, 1931. If this is correct and Marian D. Detrick purchased this home in 1933, then she purchased the home after her husband's passing.

I have some homework to do, but will keep you updated!


  1. What a great treasure trove you have there Carrie. Unfortunately for us, we don't have the history here that you do, and what little we have is often torn down to make way for more modern buildings. Just think of what our successors could find if we left some history for them.

    1. Monica- Our area is rich with history and very "guarded" by state laws, etc. EVERYTHING we do to the exterior of our home has to go through lots of channels i.e. historical society, etc.

  2. What a wonderful find!!!! You are truly blessed to have found this.

    God bless.

  3. Wow! Very exciting!!! Hard to believe it was still left in the attic.


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