Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A treasure of history was found!

About a week ago here, I posted that there was a "find" behind this door...
Top cabinet above the stove...
Several days after moving in, it was time to clean the interior of the kitchen cabinets to unpack some more boxes.

To say the least I was very surprised to find a folder, tucked neatly on the top shelf above the stove...AND to my surprise it was filled with all sorts of treasures about the home and its history.

I had a feeling the previous owner left it for me to find...especially the way it was tucked up in a cabinet, a cabinet that would not have easy access, and probably used the least. 

The picture shown is the folder, but since has been emptied out, and contents placed in a large binder with protective sleeves. Inside the folder was: Lots of pictures, some of the previous owners, but unfortunately the pictures are NOT dated, or tagged with names. I did recognize one picture of the previous owner.

There were also permits, and a written history of ownership back to 1866. BUT the home was built in 1790, so I still have some digging to do about more history of this home.

Picture taken of the living room. On the left is an exposed cabin wall. One section of this home is cabin....

Closer view of the cabin wall....

Written history of some of the ownership of the Circa 1790 home.

Host of info about ownership of home...

Several names I will be looking into to that was written on the other side of the folder...

Love to learn more about the Booth and Talbolt families!

There are lots of pictures of "people", but for privacy I won't be able to show you most of those. I believe some are of the previous owner and maybe family. Not sure because they are not dated or labeled. I wish they were.  BUT I will share this one in the folder since you can't see a face. I think it's kind of an eery picture.

Who was this girl?
A previous owner had made cards up of the house many years ago. There were a handful in the folder...

Lots of permits of work that had been completed in years before...
AND the previous owner had even tucked in the "For Sale" info about this property...

And today ALL the contents and more have been placed inside a binder with protective sheets, and will be placed at some point, on the same shelf, for the next homeowner to find!

New and updated folder will be placed in the same kitchen cabinet for the "next" home owner to find and treasure!


  1. Wow, what a great gift to leave behind. Have fun searching out the rest of your homes history.

    God bless.

    1. Hi Jackie! I feel like finding the folder of history was just like an iceberg- The folder being the top of the iceberg and so much more to find underneath!

  2. That was one of my favorite homes when I lived in New Market! I am so glad to know that friendly people like ya'll live there. I miss New Market and Frederick alot--particularly in the fall and winter. So pretty.

    1. Hi Katherine! So glad you made your way to visit here! Yes, New Market--- so pretty in the fall and winter! It's really a charming historic town with some of the nicest people that live here.

  3. Love, love, love this! How thoughtful of the previous owners, and how wonderful to be able to read through it and learn more about your home. Yay! :)


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