Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do you believe in ghosts? Part II....

What do you see this time?

Today a friend came over to see the "mirror". If you don't know the history of the mirror you can visit the post here. I took out my camera and started taking some more pictures... AND what we saw once the pictures were downloaded were chilling....

If you see something in any of these photos, please let me know.

I'll post later what my friend and I both saw that sent chills through us, and made hair on our arms stand up....


  1. So is this like a Rorschach inkblot test? I see a reclining kitty cat with dark ears. Not too scary. I wonder what you see, Carrie! :)

    1. You see a kitty? My husband actually saw a dog- right not too scary- thank goodness! BUT my friend and I actually see a small child's face- almost like a photo. Unfortunately, I can see that this "picture" of the picture is not really capturing what we can see when you look at the picture from my computer. I wish it could because it's very erry looking. AND very strange.

  2. I see something different. It looks to me like a skull with very long hair.

    Actually the more I look at it the picture in the mirror changes to a smaller face underneath the skull. Very strange that we all see something so different. I did see the child's face in the first picture you posted of the mirror.

    God bless.


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