Sunday, January 5, 2014

Resident Snow Birds....

Six inches of snow resting on top of our backyard fence...
During the winter months some residents of this town go south and are called "snow birds".  But apparently that's not the case of some  local birds that stay with each season...

The weather here, in this part of Maryland, is extremely cold and upcoming this week will be record low temperatures that haven't been seen in a century. SO why are the birds still hanging around?

I'm not sure about the identity of these birds are (someone mentioned turkey buzzards). If you know, please let me know...
One of these birds about to land on a tree...

In the short distance, these LARGE birds perch on bare branches.
If you look at the top left and bottom left , it appears as if the birds are laying down on a branch... Why are they doing this? With the record setting  lower temps moving in, I'm wondering if the birds will take off to a warmer area?

I feel like I should go toss some breads crumbs under the trees....

Note: Someone has possibly identified them as Turkey Vultures. If this is the case, I don't think they are looking for bread crumbs.


  1. they do resemble buzzards. I can't really make out the heads which in a buzzard are extremely "homely". they do tend to gather in groups. if you see them circling slowly overhead then I would definitely say buzzard. they usually hit the trees to roost. they are probably looking for food and they'll eat on ANYTHING - they are the road-kill clean up crew. Not sure why they are in the cold frozen north, I've never studied their migration habits.

    1. Thank you for responding Denise! Yes it appears they may be buzzards because, as you've mentioned, they gather in groups and circle slowly... kind of creepy in a way, especially at sunset when flocks of them are heading in this way....

  2. Hello! I live in New Market, they ARE turkey vultures. I can see those trees from my house. They will often sit on the roofs of our houses and clomp around making lots of noise. And they poop on the roof which can be destructive. I read a lot about them when we started having lot sod them a few years ago. They seem to come and go from the houses on our street, but always seem to be in those trees. The only thing I've heard that can get rid of them is loud noise. But my neighbor's dog doesn't bark at them, and I don't think anyone wants to hear me out there with an air horn.
    I'm excited to follow your blog; welcome to the neighborhood!

    1. Hi Jess! Nice to meet someone in the neighborhood! So, the birds have made this part of town their home. During the summer flocks of them come by the dozens from the distant about the same time every night. I'm wondering if they'll stay perched in those trees on Tuesday when temps are suppose to be record low. Glad you came to visit here!


  4. Those are some big birds!!

    The only birds left around here brave enough to fight -50 C wind chill are sparrows. The poor things huddle together in bushes trying to keep warm.

    Harvey says this is the coldest January we have had in years.

    God bless.


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